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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by prophetfly, Jan 31, 2017.

  1. prophetfly

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    Hi everyone,
    this is my first post here! My name is Sujung. I am a graduate student who is making short videos, films.

    I love pets, I have a dog. but I haven't really thought about reptiles. However, one of my friends has a frog and I loved him so much.

    Later, I learned many many crazy amazing features about them and realized that they used to be (and still they are) meteorologists, predicting the bad weather.

    My studio mates, who had had a frog before, and I decided to have a frog and I would love to make a short film with the frog.

    I am especially looking for a Japanese tree frog, which seemed hard to get here in NYC.

    Is there anyone who knows where I can find one?

    Thank you!

    Plus, Japanese Tree Frog, how they call is used to optimize Wifi tech!! crazy!!!!
  2. Wild-Type

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    Hello. Japanese tree frogs are not commonly available. A similar and great species to work with is the grey tree frog. Native to the us and easy to fin.

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