Quick question...(caution: spider picture)

Discussion in 'General Invertebrate Talk' started by Billy, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Billy

    Billy Administrator Staff Member

    Would you hold this?
  2. Wild-Type

    Wild-Type Frog Freak! Mod Staff Member

    Not sure if I would hold it but I would love to have one. What is it?
  3. Billy

    Billy Administrator Staff Member

    It's a giant sea spider.
  4. ChrisWalker2

    ChrisWalker2 Member

    HELL NOOOOO :eek:
    You have me scared to go to the beach now too.
  5. Psychotic

    Psychotic Crazy Snake Lady

    Don't know if I'd hold it or not. Depends on how bad their bites are and if they are venomous or not.
  6. Lorenzo Kowalsky

    Lorenzo Kowalsky New Member

    I could never imagine to hold this in my hands, even in my nightmare.

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